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Chef Jason Howard
Modern Caribbean Cuisine

Chef Jason Howard

- Quarter-Finalist, Master Chef Professionals 2015

- Greg Wallace, 'First chef to redefine Caribbean cuisine', Nov 2015

- 2017 Iconoclast, James Beard House

About us

Chef Jason Howard

Barbadian born and Vincentian by descent is marking his place in history as a Modern Caribbean chef living in London, United Kingdom.

Chef Jason has mastered infusing the flavours from his home cuisines with international cooking techniques, presenting Caribbean dishes at its finest level of enjoyment.

Chef Jason intricately designs and creates stunningly balanced dishes. With over 18 years of experience and studying the art, Chef Jason’s plating techniques have certainly created a beautiful and remarkable memory to the eye and palate, serving you with an experience like never before.

Chef Jason continues his journey to be one of the world’s top chefs, aiming to bring the Caribbean its first-ever Michelin star. As he continues to travel the world and share his skills within the food industry, Chef Jason will redefine the way Caribbean food is seen to the unknown.

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